Project Start-Up Boot Camp

Welcome to Gershon Medtech's Project Start-Up Bootcamp!

We are excited to offer these templates and methodology to you, free of charge, with no obligation

to you. All templates are fully downloadable and customizable by you and your team,

and includes this instructional page to help you get started right away.


Because we know YOU want a smooth

running project and company!

We designed and offer this Complimentary Project Start-Up Bootcamp because we noticed over the years teams, projects and companies working diligently and extensively on their projects, and often times they experienced great struggles and challenges - UNNECCESARILY!

While YES – regardless of all the planning and prep you do, there WILL be struggles and challenges. But we’ve found that by working on all the modules within our Bootcamp, projects (and companies) that experienced struggle and challenges did so LESS often, LESS severe, AND were able to move through and resolve them quicker.


Gershon MedTech's Project Start-Up

Bootcamp is a 10 Step

7 Module program that provides you the essentials needed for any project (or company) to get better established and clear on their path forward. It is a methodology used by all the successful companies on the planet, but has been shortened and made more concise for the busy entrepreneur and busy project managers of today’s times.


It can be done on your own, with your team,

with extended team members, or with us as

your guides and partners to help put this in


See the 10 Step Instructions below.


By following all of these modules, and especially when it’s done in a collaborative and team-based manner,

you will have all the essentials you need to position your project (or company) for great success, and of course most importantly, for a great impact.


The Ten Steps

1. Click on the link below to get started!

2. Download and save all of these templates into your own folder location someplace. We suggest you keep these templates for future use, so best not to work off of these files specifically.

3. Resave the files in a new folder, one dedicated to your project. Perhaps a folder titled “ADMIN” or “TEMPLATES”, or whatever you think is best.

4. Make a decision if you will be doing this yourself, with one or more team members, and or with extended team members.

5. Once that decision is made, schedule a dedicated time to work on each module, starting with the file labeled “Module 1”. For best results, plan for a full hour for each module, in order to give yourselves ample time to give each module justice. While you could probably knock out each module in 10-15m mins, you might not get the quality, and ultimately the impact you would like. Remember the phrase – “Garbage In, Garbage Out”. or as I like to restate it: “Quality In, Quality Out”!

6. You can choose to knock all of these out in a few hours, over the course of a day or two, or one module each day until you are completed. Gershon MedTech periodically offers “5 Day Project Start Up Bootcamp Challenges”. Contact us to find out the next time this will be offered.

7. The Module for the SWOT ANALYSIS should be completed near the end and after most of the other modules are completed. And once completed, we recommend you go back and revise and revisit each of the other modules, one at a time. Often times, a SWOT ANALYSIS reveals competitive info, and or gaps in the original thinking, so before moving on to detailed project planning, Gantt Charts and Risk Analysis, we suggest you complete the SWOT ANALYSIS and then circle back around to these items that you previously completed.

8. Take note of which modules should be reviewed monthly, quarterly and annually, and schedule this into your calendar to do so. e.g.

a. The SWOT ANALYSIS should be reviewed ANY TIME any new or competitive product, service or company comes into view.

b. The Vision and Mission statements should be reviewed yearly.

c. The Accountability template could be reviewed weekly or monthly, if the team is new or new’ish. And then switch to quarterly or yearly if desired.

d. The Project Goals module can be reviewed monthly or quarterly.

e. The Project Actions and Project Schedule modules can be reviewed weekly.

9. When you have completed all of this, make sure to have reviewed with your Senior Management team, major partners, and of course, all team members. And if any adjustments are needed, do that in a collaborative and transparent style, so all affected will be aware of any changes or edits made.

10. Once all of the above has been completed, post in a very visible place, and also keep a controlled copy electronically someplace.

Gershon MedTech periodically offers “5 Day Project Start-Up

Bootcamp Challenges”.

Contact us to find out the next time this will be offered or to schedule us to work

with you 1:1 with your team to work on this.

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